What does “Tenants in Common” mean? 

The phrase “tenants in common” is one you may have heard but not quite understand. It is a term used for the way of owning a property jointly with another person, while keeping your own share. 

When two people own a property, the most common way is to own it jointly, or as “joint beneficial tenants”. Most people assume that this means 50/50. However, this is not strictly true. 

Joint ownership is actually 100/100. This means that neither person owns their own share and that the property cannot be passed by Will. As many people want to Will their home to another person, it is important to hold your own interest. This would mean owning the property as tenants in common. 


The biggest benefit to holding your property in this way, is that you can protect it for future generations. From threats such as future care fees or remarriage. 

It is possible to protect and pass on your share of the home whilst providing security for the surviving person. This would be by way of including a “Trust” in your Wills. This would both protect your share AND the person living in the home. 

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