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Writing a Will is more than just putting some thoughts on paper and having it witnessed. It should be the blueprint to your legacy, with some of the biggest decisions carried out in line with your wishes. For some, this might be who looks after your children and what schools you want them to go to. For others, it may be about safeguarding assets being left to loves ones, ensuring that no third parties can lay claim to them, not now and not in the future.

Around 70% of people do not have a Will and this is not surprising when you consider the significant level of detail required in ensuring that your plans, dreams and legacy need to be accounted for. Instructions and guidance need to be detailed, explained and recorded in a legally binding document. Making a Will is a difficult process and may possibly be the single most important document you ever construct. Creating a Will is the first major piece of the Estate Planning process however most people are likely to want Power of Attorney in place as well to ensure loved ones can act on their behalf should the worst happen.

We created MoneyBox Wills & Trust to complement our existing client services for Mortgages, Protection and Financial Planning. This allows us to see your financial journey from start to finish and ensure that all possible scenarios are provided for by our team of experts.

We look forward to helping you on this journey to ensure you, your family and your dreams are well looked after.

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